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Joining the Behringer Lab


Graduate school is tough and competitive. Students are not accepted without funding, thus only students with solid academic credentials (GPA and GRE scores), good writing skills, research experience, and excellent references from researchers will be accepted. However, if this is you and your research interests are similar to those in the lab, please contact me! I suggest starting communication as early as possible in the fall for a start date the following fall. Please contact me via email and include with your message an updated CV; unofficial transcripts and GRE scores; a 1-page essay describing your research interests, motivations, and career goals; and the contact information for three references (at least one academic). If you are a co-author on any publications, please also include those. Once I get a chance to digest the materials you sent we can decide the best path forward.

I want to meet all students before I accept them! Success in graduate school does not require that you get along with your advisor and lab mates, but it sure is a smoother ride. Personalities do not always mesh, but we work in close quarters for long hours when in the field so you must be a team player, able to live and work well with others, and integrate into the group.

Fellowship and assistantship decisions are typically made in early February, so applications must be complete and you must have visited UF or our field lab by then. If you have your own funding through an NSF-fellowship or other source, this timeline does not necessarily apply.

I am also affiliated with the UF School of Natural Resources and the Environment, so please see both the Fisheries and Aquatic sciences and SNRE websites for application information. These units are different and have a different educational focus, but I can advise students matriculating into either program.

Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences website
School of Natural Resources and the Environment website


I welcome hardworking undergraduates and volunteers that are interested in marine ecology and want to get research experience anytime! If you are interested in interning or volunteering, please send me an email explaining your interest, background, and motivations. We can then see if there are any possibilities to get you immersed in marine science!

I also participate in the UF/IFAS Florida Agricultural Experiment Station (FAES) Summer Intern Program. This is a program open to undergraduates in the UF College of Agriculture and Life Sciences that wish to gain research experience during the summer. It is a 6-week full-time paid internship. It is competitive with applications typically due in early February. If you qualify and are interested, please see the IFAS Office of Research website for application details. Internship and research project details for working with me this summer can be found here.