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Welcome to the Behringer Lab!

Research in my lab focuses on marine disease ecology and epidemiology, the resilience and restoration of marine communities impacted by human or natural disturbances, and the ecology and behavior of marine invertebrates.

The Behringer Lab at the Benthic Ecology Meeting in Corpus Christi, TX.


Research highlighted in The Baltimore Sun

An article in the Baltimore Sun highlights our research with colleagues on population connectivity and the blue crab reovirus, CsRV1. Check it out! “Where do…

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‚ÄėAvoidance Behavior‚Äô Helps Species Survive

A press release summarizing our recent paper got some media attention: Behringer, D. C., Karvonen, A., & Bojko, J. (2018).¬†Parasite avoidance behaviours in aquatic environments.¬†Phil.…

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Interested in joining the lab as a graduate student or intern? Follow this link and watch this video.


Marine Disease Ecology edited by Don, Brian Silliman, and Kevin Lafferty was published by Oxford University Press published in January 2020!


M.S. student Kate Rose awarded International Women’s Fishing Association Scholarship Trust!

PhD student Liz Duermit-Moreau awarded TA of the year in FFGS!

Dr. Behringer awarded a UF Research Foundation Professorship for 2020 – 2023!

Dr. Behringer awarded a University Term Professorship for 2019 – 2022.