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Current Undergrads

Kate Rose

Kate Rose


I am a Jersey born yankee who followed her passion for marine science down to the University of Florida. I plan to graduate in May 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in marine science, and hopefully be working towards my masters as well. In addition to my research on sponge restoration in the Middle Keys, I also serve as the program associate for the Challenge 2050 Project on the UF campus. When not working (and even when I am) you can find me rocking out to broadway musicals.

Anna Swigris

Anna Swigris

Alexandra Miller

Alexandra Miller

Matthew Spears

Matthew Spears

Hannah Baker

Hannah Baker

Kelly Gallagher

Kelly Gallagher


Past Undergrads & Volunteers

Megan Sushil 2018 (UF undergraduate)

Caroline Barnett 2018 (UF undergraduate)

Emily Johns 2018 (UF undergraduate)

Tanya Hahn 2018 (UF undergraduate)

Amy Oxton 2017–2018 (UF undergraduate)

Gabriel Lopez 2017 (UF undergraduate)

Raquel Schoneck 2017 (UF undergraduate)

Samantha Simpson 2017 (UF undergraduate)

Lizzy Sherr 2017 (UF undergraduate)

Billy Annis 2016–2017 (UF undergraduate)

Haley Calvo 2016–2017 (UF undergraduate)

Ali Lamberski 2016–2017 (UF undergraduate)

Jamie Haggard 2016–2017 (UF undergraduate)

Devon Murray 2016 (UF undergraduate)

Kim Peter 2016 (ANERR/FDEP)

Hannah Heinke-Green 2016 (ANERR/FDEP)

Megan Christopher 2016 (ANERR/FDEP)

Ethan Bourque 2016 (ANERR/FDEP)

Caitlin Snyder 2016 (ANERR/FDEP)

Matt Davis 2016 (FWC)

Katie Davis 2016 (CPAP/FDEP)

Todd Griffith 2016 (private citizen)

Dave Armentrout 2016 (private citizen)

Samantha Caligiure 2016 (UF undergraduate)

Jonna Boyda 2015–2017 (UF undergraduate)

Alex Cook 2015–2017 (UF undergraduate)

Alyssa Thompson 2015 (UF undergraduate)

David Ousley 2015 (UF undergraduate)

Evan Hill 2015 (UF undergraduate)

Gabriel Diaz 2014–2015 (UF undergraduate)

Jon Kistemaker 2014 (UF undergraduate)

Stephen Myers 2014 (UF undergraduate)

Devon Pharo 2014 (UF undergraduate)

Paul Maneval 2013 (UF undergraduate)

Shaun Hamilton 2013 (UF undergraduate)

Simone de Lestang 2012 (UF undergraduate)

Alec Shoelson 2012 (UF undergraduate)

Eleanor Yudelman 2010 (UF undergraduate)

Jonathan Baker 2009  (UF undergraduate)

Matthew Smukall 2009 (UF undergraduate)

Michael Dickson 2009 (UF undergraduate)

Alexandra Burne 2008–2009 (UF undergraduate)