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Amazing Fulbright Year!

Everyone should have a Fulbright experience. The world would undoubtedly be a better and more tolerant place if they did.  My time in the UK at the Centre for Environmental, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science and the University of Exeter transformed my professional and personal life.  I am deeply grateful for having had the opportunity. Below is but a glimpse of the adventure:


Chance to join the Cefas crack field team (Matt Green and Stu Ross) on the Tamar River in Cornwall, UK.

Hunting the intriguing edible crab Cancer pagurus in Newton's Cove, UK.

Olivia and I standing on one of the earthen walls surrounding the Maiden Castle (Iron age hill fort) in Dorchester. Wouldn't be a picture of Dorset, UK without sheep.

Juvenile edible crab in the rocky intertidal.

Some R&R with the family in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

My hosts at Cefas, Drs. Grant Stentiford and Kelly Bateman, demonstrate dissections of the edible crab and European lobster for representatives from the European Union.

Training the next generation of marine ecologists on Mallorca!

Juvenile European spiny lobster Palinurus elephas in the Columbrete Islands, Spain.

Dr. David Diaz, Anabel Caballero and I take a break between dives for the European spiny lobster on Illa Grossa in the Columbrete Islands.